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PVC Foam Board Substrate Requirement & Standard

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PVC Foam Board Substrate Requirement & Standard

 PVC Foam Board Substrate Requirement


A.    PVC foam board substrate common dimension:




B.    PVC foam board substrate specification:

1、Thickness Tolerance:±0.05mm



4、Surface Shore D Hardness:≥55°, Core Shore D Hardness:≥40°;




C.    PVC foam board substrate environment protections:

1、Substrate not contain DEHP(Phthalate);

     That’s common name‘DOP’(dioctyl phthalate),which will cause gender confusion, genital shortening, and harm to male reproductive ability for long term exposure.

2、Not contain heavy metals (Need Organotin, Rare-earth stabilizer)

     Heavy metal harm to human body, soil, environment!!



PVC Floor EN+USA ASTM Standard

AEuropean StandardEN Standard

European Standard for PVC Floor is ENwhich is originally a test standard signed by 15 countries of the European Economic Communityand which containers many content. We often say that the wear resistance grade T, P, M, F of homogeneous trans core products is derived from this standard. There are the following specific detection priorities

1、  Slip resistance:DIN51130

2、  Flammability Test:EN:13501、ISO EN9239、ISO EN1192

3、  Quality Standard:EN ISO9001

4、  Environmental Standard:EN ISO14001

5、  Environmental Protection:EN-P335

6、  Anti-static:EN1815

7、  Thickness:EN428

8、  Weight:EN430

9、  Flexible Measurement:EN435

10、Dimension Stability:EN434

11、Residual Imprint :EN433

12、Roller Indentation:EN425

13、Wearing coefficient:EN660

14、Chemical Resistance:EN423



BUSA StandardASTM Standard

PVC Floor Inspection Requirements:

1、  Process and Appearance

2、  Adhesive Content

3、  Dimension Stability

4、  Slip Resistance:ASTM F2047

5、  Impact Property:ASTM F1265

6、  Deformation:ASTM F1304

7、  Flexibility:ASTM F137

8、  Heat Resistance:ASTM F1514

9、  Light Resistance:ASTM F1515

10、Indentation:ASTM F1914

11、Thickness:ASTM F386

12、Wear Layer Thickness:ASTM F410

13、Dimension:ASTM F536

14、Squareness:ASTM F540

15、Chemical Resistance:ASTM F925

16、Load Resistance:ASTM F970

17、Surface Combustion Characteristics of Building Materials:ASTM E84

18、Radiative Heat Source Method for Paving Materials:ASTM E648

19、Surface Flammability:ASTM E162

20、Combustion Smoke Density:ASTM E662

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