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Is SPC Floor Environmentally Friendly?

Visualizações:8 Horário de publicação: 2022-05-13 : Louis Lu

Is SPC Floor Environmentally Friendly?

With improved living standards and the enrichment of materials, the advocacy of healthy lifestyles is also rising. Low carbon and environmentally friendly are popular themes in modern society, which are also the primary consideration in choosing home building materials.

SPC, also known as Stone Plastic Composite, has become very popular in home design for its excellent stability and durability. In addition, the SPC floor is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and renewable. This floor does not harm people's health, and protects the elderly and children from harmful gases.

Here we will discuss the advantage of environmental protection of the SPC floor. Follow up and keep reading!


 Harmless Formulations: Above Official Safety Standards

The core of SPC multi-layered floor planks is calcium carbonate and PVC powder. On the other hand, according to the environmental protection requirements, the main raw material for the SPC floor is polyvinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride is a new type of environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and renewable resource that has been widely used in lots of fields. These fields require a high level of hygiene standards, such as tableware, medical infusion tube bags, etc.

In addition, SPC floors contain no radioactive elements, and have been proven by the national authoritative department. For example, SPC floors do not encompass hazardous substances such as heavy metals, phthalates, or methanol. At the same time, this floor conforms to EN14372, EN649-2011, IEC62321, and GB4085-83 standards.

No Glue Combined: Zero-Formaldehyde Emission

Whether it will release toxic gases and cause harm to the human body is a question that many house-owners need to consider before choosing a floor. The SPC floor is a new type of environmentally friendly and formaldehyde-free floor decoration material because the SPC floor does not require glue during the production and installation processes. Formaldehyde in many materials comes from glue, and many floor materials need a lot of glue in the production and installation progress, such as most solid wood floors, wood plastic floors, solid wood composite floors, and laminate floors. Therefore, the SPC floor deserves the honor of a real zero formaldehyde green product.  


Recycle Materials: Resources-saving Fashion

SPC floor is a new type of recycling floor decoration material. After being effectively recycled, the SPC floor has a corresponding effect on protecting the earth's natural resources and ecological environment. Below are the specific steps of the recycling:

1. Firstly, put the used SPC floors into the floor crusher.

2. Then, the particles are sent to the SPC pulverizer for further refinement into fine powders.

3. Later, they enter into the mixing system according to the proportion of the formula.

4. Finally, one of the raw materials for making new SPC floors are born.

Why Choose Boyu

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Our equipment is environmentally friendly, and the floors produced by our equipment are recyclable without formaldehyde and heavy metal. Our spirit of continuous research and development and the pursuit of perfection has made us a technology leader and an innovator.


Boyu SPC Flooring Line

We have three types of production lines, including the SPC Conical Twin Screw Production Line, SPC Parallel Twin Screw Production Line, and SPC Building Block Twin Screw Production Line. Our high-quality SPC Flooring Line is CE/UL certified. In addition, the production line is designed with the following four advantages: power-saving, high productivity, intelligent control system, and stable performance.

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