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WPC floor

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WPC floor

WPC floor

1. The scope of application of WPC : traditional home improvement adds bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, basements, villa courtyards, tooling nursing homes, kindergartens, hotels, guesthouses, bathing centers and other public places , old house renovation, saving time, effort and cost.


2. WPC floor performance:

1) Absolutely zero formaldehyde 

2) Wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant

3) Waterproof and non-slip  

4) Mute and anti-noise 

5) Flexible and resilient 

6) Convenient installation  


3. WPC floor structure and production process:

The product as a whole can be divided into two parts. The surface LVT layer itself is a kind of environmentally friendly ground material ( foreign countries use Gerflor in France and Armstrong in the United States ) . Because it is too thin and requires glue for paving, it is environmentally friendly. discount. In addition, paving has higher requirements on the ground and needs to be self-leveling, so the cost is greatly increased. On this basis, adding an environmentally friendly foam substrate can solve various problems of LVT , increasing the thickness without self-leveling, and increasing the thickness can be slotted without using glue to paste.

The foaming substrate is made of polymer resin, stone rock powder and wood fiber powder ( all solid ) through high temperature physical friction polymer resin to reach a hot melt state ( semi-fluid ) to wrap the stone rock powder and wood powder, and then extruded by a machine forming.

The surface wear-resistant is made of polymer wear-resistant laminates, and the thickness can be divided into 7 filaments, 10 filaments, 30 filaments, and 50 filaments. 30 filaments can reach more than 15000 revolutions. At present, more than 10 silk is used for export .

The LVT and the foamed substrate are bonded together by high temperature and high pressure, forming a chemical bond between the two layers of molecules, making it stronger.

No glue is added in all production links to ensure absolutely zero formaldehyde.

The click type is Swiss valinge click, which is easier to pave. The short side first and then the long side are laid, which is more reliable.