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LVT floor structure layered detailed introduction

Visualizações:16 Horário de publicação: 2022-02-02 : Louis Lu

LVT floor structure layered detailed introduction

LVT floor structure layered detailed introduction

The LVT floor production process is mainly composed of five layered structures, namely: UV reinforced coating, transparent wear-resistant layer, printed fabric layer, base balance layer and pressure stability layer.




Wuxi Boyu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is the production line of PVC floor extrusion line and the pioneer of SPC floor equipment. The company integrates grille design, production, sales and after-sales service.

Next, the editor of Boyu introduces the detailed introduction of LVT floor structure.

The UV reinforced coating uses well-known brand uv coatings, which are healthy and environmentally friendly, and have a transparent texture that allows the product to present a visual beauty; stable quality, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, can effectively protect the floor and prolong the service life.

The transparent wear-resistant layer is made of high-quality polymer resin material, colorless and odorless, natural and environmentally friendly, super-thick abrasion resistance, abrasion resistance 20 times that of laminate flooring, good permeability, strong adsorption, and it is more environmentally friendly at the same time Clearly highlight the quality of the color film.

The printed fabric layer uses advanced digital imaging technology, 1/1000mm ultra-macro progressive scanning of the natural texture of real wood, with up to 300 million pixels, which is 10 times that of professional cameras.

The balance layer of the base material is all made of new materials, and the heavy metal content reaches the EU standard. It has passed the EU green environmental protection certification. It is a truly environmentally friendly material.

The pressure-resistant and stable layer does not contain formaldehyde, which is environmentally friendly and safe. The glue-free product has a special low-grain design, which can firmly grasp the ground.