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The role of ACR in PVC materials

Visualizações:2 Horário de publicação: 2022-04-11 : Louis Lu

The role of ACR in PVC materials

ACR is the abbreviation of Acrylics and the general name of Acrylics series modifiers. It is a polymer of Acrylics.  

PVC in the process of processing should add 1 % ~ 5 % of PVC resin processing AIDS,ACR is the most used processing AIDS, it has been widely used in extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, blister and calendering and other main processing methods of PVC.  For as processing aid ACR modified PVC mechanism, the consensus view is ACR via a long molecular chains in the PVC resin particles, pass the external heat and shearing force to resin, promote its melting and plasticizing, reduces the processing temperature, increase the melt strength, improve the quality of the appearance of the products, at the same time don't reduce the rigidity of rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC).  

1, has good compatibility with PVC, good dispersity, and PVC molecular chain winding together, promote PVC melt plasticization, effectively reduce PVC melt processing temperature, on the basis of small energy saving while improving the weatherability of products;  

2, can change the flow behavior of PVC material melt, improve the fluidity of PVC material, so that it is easier to molding and extrusion, to ensure the stability of long time processing molding;  

3, can improve the melt strength of PVC material, avoid melt rupture, can solve surface problems such as shark skin, improve the internal quality and surface gloss of products;  

4, can effectively prevent extrusion and injection molding due to pressure fluctuations and flow scars, effectively avoid ripples, zebra crossing and other surface problems;  

5, can improve the surface gloss of products, because of uniform plasticizing, and can help improve the tensile strength, impact strength, elongation at break and other mechanical properties of products;  

6, can significantly reduce the PVC products of various additives such as stabilizer, pigment, calcium powder deposition on the surface of the products.  

7, foaming regulator can effectively adjust the density and size of the bubble, can greatly improve the melt strength of PVC material, so as to effectively wrap the foaming gas, the formation of uniform honeycomb structure, prevent gas escape, make the product density drop;  

8. Good metal stripping, because it is a polymer material, it will not cause precipitation and other problems like lubricant.  

9, improve the consistency of PVC products, such as gloss, tensile strength, impact strength and elongation at break, etc  

10, effectively prevent in extrusion and injection molding due to pressure fluctuations and flow scars produced by the production of silver wire surface defects.  

11. Significantly reduce the deposition of various additives such as stabilizer and pigment on the surface of processing machinery.