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Operating manual of mixer

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Operating manual of mixer

Usage: Standardize the mixing operation of mixers to prevent the quality and safety accidents brought by the mixing operation.

Scope of application: It is used for operation guidance of mixers in mixing operation.

Operation method of mixing:

1. Check water, gas and electric circuits.

Check whether there is drainage flow out of the waterway, the air circuit switch and cylinder work regularly.

Check whether the electric circuit is broken.

2. Turn on the vacuum feeder, and check whether it is normal to turn on the vacuum blanking switch before feeding. The air pressure should be 0.6MPa to start the vacuum feeding.

3. 1)Put 1 bag of PVC into the hopper

 2)Put 2 bags of PVC into the hopper

 3)Put small raw material into the hopper

 4)Put 2 bags of CaCo3 into the hopper

 5)Put 1 bag of PVC into the hopper

 6)Put recycle material into the hopper

4. Turn on the high-speed mixer. When the speed is 750 rpm, turn on the vacuum feeding. When all the raw materials are in the high-speed mixer, turn off the vacuum feeding. During the vacuum blanking, be sure to check whether all the vacuum hoppers are feeding

5. After all the raw materials are put into the hopper, the mixer operates normally to see if the mixing current (90) is stableWhen the temperature of the high-speed mixer reaches 128 ℃, start the cold mixer. When closing the high-speed mixer valve, it is necessary to check whether it is closed tightly. 

6. Ensure that the high-speed mixing material is discharged at 120 ℃ and the material entering the cold mixing pot is discharged below 40 ℃, then close the cold mixing valve, start the feeding machine of the storage silo after discharging, and close the feeding machine after feeding the storage silo.

7. During the operation of mixing, observe the blanking condition of the storage bin at the same time. If there is not much raw material in the main bin, start the mixing in the storage bin, and then close the mixing after it is full

8. Clean the site and bag collection and stacking before each shift leaves work. Make the record of the per shift

9. Clean and maintain the mixer regularly, and add lubricating oil once every 2 days